Am I actually sad for the end of hockey season?

Another hockey season has come to an end. With four boys playing the sport, most people would assume that I’m relieved to be able to reclaim my life. Sure the thought of more freedom on the weekends or better yet, a weekend home, sounds good but I love being a hockey mom. I love the […]

Get your butt moving!

Get your butt moving!

My second born, now 13 year old, has definitely been my most challenging child. One consistent challenge has been his turtle-like pace in the morning. I too would rather sleep, but unfortunately reality requires that I’m vertical by 6:30am so I forgo extra sleep for parental responsibilities. My son however, doesn’t quite see it the […]

My boys are lame!

I thought you’d appreciate this… my boys are so lame. The boys are off today and I had an appointment at the Apple Store at 10 which kept me there until around 12:30. When I came home I told them we could do something fun and go on some adventure. I gave them about 5 […]