Arctic Temperatures Affecting My Sanity

I’m not sure how much longer I can survive these arctic temperatures before I go crazy. It’s just so darn cold that even my garage-door doesn’t want to do any work – so it won’t open. I feel a little trapped as I gaze out into the vast white tundra of snow and ice. My […]

Stop waiting for a treat and starting creating opportunity.

New Year’s Blogalution

The truth is that my life has changed, my boys are growing up and time is sometimes difficult to manage. The last four years have flown by and in the process, I’ve done some amazing things, but I’ve also neglected some as well. This blog being one of them. As I’ve reflected on the past […]

life with teenage boys

Life with Teenage Boys

I like to draw but like many things I like, I don’t make the time to sketch nearly as often as I would like. I’ve decided to try my hand at cartooning. This is my first attempt. If you’re a parent of a boy, you should be able to relate to this. Is this something […]