Keeping it Light with Boys

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Photo Credit: Terren in Virginia via Flickr

As the mom of three boys, one practice I tried to keep in mind when they were young, was to keep it light and have fun.

I think all children love to have fun and let loose with their parents but as a mom of boys there is this balance of trying to raise respectful boys but not shame them for their love of potty humor and all bodily functions, silliness, and competition.  Here are a few “Keepin’ It Light”  practices that we instituted in our family that stood the test of time and my kids treasured.

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Travel with kids and flight delays

Travel with kids requires a great deal of patience and preparation, when unexpected interruptions change plans…it can be a messy situation.

Yesterday the 4 boys, my hubby and I embarked on our journey home from sunny Aruba after 2 hours to get through customs and a late boarding on our US Airways flight, to sit at the gate for nearly 4 hours before being told our flight was cancelled.

The first 2 hours the boys finished their homework, they were really great under the circumstances, then they snacked and played games. The experience reminded me the value of being prepared and remaining calm.

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