Travel with kids and flight delays

Travel with kids requires a great deal of patience and preparation, when unexpected interruptions change plans…it can be a messy situation.

Yesterday the 4 boys, my hubby and I embarked on our journey home from sunny Aruba after 2 hours to get through customs and a late boarding on our US Airways flight, to sit at the gate for nearly 4 hours before being told our flight was cancelled.

The first 2 hours the boys finished their homework, they were really great under the circumstances, then they snacked and played games. The experience reminded me the value of being prepared and remaining calm.

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What’s your travel story?

Seek a Balanced MESS

This is Part 1 of the MESS concept, check back tomorrow for Part 2.

Found this image at:
Found this image at:

Lately, I have noticed in triple form the imbalanced levels of multiple moods swings coming from my multiple imbalanced teenagers. If you tried to track each emotional change, within an hour you would suffer some sort of emotional whiplash! Their overly- stated, moody dislike of homework, chores, and the brother breathing next to them is over the top. The sweet tooth, junk food craving, gaming, cell phone, shopping, sports playing, staying up late teen’s in my home are clearly out of balance. Continue reading

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