Seek a Balanced MESS

This is Part 1 of the MESS concept, check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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Found this image at:

Lately, I have noticed in triple form the imbalanced levels of multiple moods swings coming from my multiple imbalanced teenagers. If you tried to track each emotional change, within an hour you would suffer some sort of emotional whiplash! Their overly- stated, moody dislike of homework, chores, and the brother breathing next to them is over the top. The sweet tooth, junk food craving, gaming, cell phone, shopping, sports playing, staying up late teen’s in my home are clearly out of balance. Continue reading

Time to get back to basics with simple fun

holding up the churchI feel like life has become so planned, from one moment to the next, one week to the next month. It kind of sucks. Everybody is so conditioned to multitasking madness that I don’t even think it seems weird anymore…but it is.

I hate that the boys are so used to always having something to do that when it’s crappy out or there’s nothing going on – they’re bored. What happened to simple fun?

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