Less Stress College Prep

Are you prepared for sending your child off to college?

boys notre dameI am slightly obsessed with discussing college options with parents of kids of any age who are not completely overwhelmed by my enthusiasm and endless questions. My middle-school-aged boys have “top 5” ever changing lists of their prospective schools, which they frequently shuffle after such significant events as who won the last college world series (Vanderbilt) to which school will allow them to bring their dog (University of Washington). While I know/pray my kids are going to mature and develop into more academic and wiser applicants, I think the idea of discussing different types of college environments and visiting schools while they are in the young grades, before it gets really “real”, will lay a foundation of interest to help alleviate the pressure once they are in their later years of high school. Plus, I can’t help myself. Not only is it a fun topic to visit with all the romantic nostalgia of my own college years coupled with promise of new adventures to come, it will be a life-changing experience for my kids as well as for me.

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