Moms, when you think your son is from another planet and want to better understand, and Dads, when you understand their behavior and want to learn how to nurture the positive aspects of being a boy, Raising Boys World (RBW) will provide you answers and support.

RBW is a parent-directed community portal developed to embrace the triumphs and obstacles of raising boys and to give you an outlet to share your successes and challenges with a network of parents. It is a safe forum to discuss their sons behavior in a non-judgmental environment.

The RBW provides an interesting overview of feature articles, activities ideas, product reviews, travel advice, and more.

RBW provides guidance by offering a mix of personal stories, professional advice and current events in the media to help parents raise their sons to be responsible, respectful, confident men for our future.




My name is Renee. I am a mother of four boys (ages 9, 6, 3, and 1). Raising Boys World grew out of my frustration of constantly being bombarded with comments from random people such as, “Wow. Four boys. You must be busy!” or “Four boys! You’re life must be crazy! How can you handle it?”. The comments made me realize the negative stereotypes for boys in our society. At first I was angered, then I felt sad that my boys were pigeonholed into a stereotype. My boys are the least of my troubles. They are a joy.  I wanted to create an opportunity for parents to celebrate their boys and to help nurture their growth to manhood.

First I started blogging about my boys at Mothers Raising Boys.com as a way to provide feedback on how to raise boys into fantastic men and to create good husbands someday. I’m so excited to be able to write about issues that I’m both concerned and passionate about, but I realized there’s a need for more than just my little blog.

So I started creating podcasts. Conversations with Mothers Raising Boys is a series of truthful, informative and fun podcasts for parents looking to find a connection with someone else raising boys while MRB Family Travel Reviews are packed with travel-related information with an emphasis on travel with boys.

Then, it occurred to me that parents of boys would benefit from communicating with one another so together we could help create an environment that’s more tolerant of the needs of boys. So I created Raising Boys World for parents to gather and share information that might in someway help to create responsible, respectful, confident men for our future.

We all have questions about our sons:

  • Did you ever wonder why boys like to pee outside and girls don’t?
  • Why do boys like rambunctious play?
  • Why does my son always have his hands in his pants?

Whatever your question, you’ve found the place to find answers and meet other parents who can relate…even if it sometimes feels like your son is from another planet.


By the way…Use Your Head

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