Total Transformation Program Review: Hoax or Helpful

By Renee Martinez

I was asked by Nathan O’Leary of Legacy Publishing Company to do a review for on the Total Transformation Program. You may have seen the infomercials where James Lehman (a behavioral therapist and the man to created the program) talks about how to get control of difficult kids (disrespectful, lying, fighting, swearing, etc..)

Of course, I’m always willing to do a review that might in someway help RBW readers, though honestly, I wasn’t sure if or how it would benefit my family personally seeing as my boys aren’t too stressful at this point. Well… I guess that’s not exactly true…a certain individual can cause a fair amount of stress for a variety of reasons, so to understand how to handle him and improve his behavior would be wonderful. Nonetheless, I accepted the opportunity and voila! a package arrived.

I should mention that the price of the program is more than $300, so it’s not for everyone though they do offer a money-back guarantee as well as payment terms. Also, it requires time. The package arrived awhile ago and it’s taken me much longer to post this review than I ever had imagined, simply because it’s a serious commitment of your time.

Here’s what it is: a combination of DVDs (2) and audio CDs (8) and a workbook. It’s recommended to do a lesson per week. It all marries together so you use the workbook in conjunction with the CDs.

So…is it a hoax or was it helpful? I say HELPFUL!

According to Lehman, believes that kids don’t have the skills they need to deal with their problems, and so they act out in an effort of trying to solve them. He also suggests that parents need to develop effective parenting skills to teach their children the skills they need to get through life. The program’s “tough love” approach is easy to follow and intended to help restore your sanity. I was reminded that as parents, we need to maintain control.

It helps to see your children and yourself defined by Lehman’s terms. This may sound odd, but it almost helps you to diagnose what you’ve been doing and how your child responds in terms that make sense. For example, I’m a combination Negotiator and Screamer. Something I feel very strongly about is developing a culture of accountability in the home and so does Lehman. To get kids to take responsibility for their actions. He provides tools that you can put to use to improve behavior.

The program is logical, practical and makes sense.

Is it worth it? It’s hard to say since every family and child is different, but it certainly packs a lot of information that you – provided you have the time – will benefit from. Also, you need to put into practice what you learn. If you do, you will likely see improved behavior from your child.

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