Activities that Encourage Family Togetherness

Creating opportunities for quite time and reflection at home (or on  hike). I saw my two youngest boys cuddled up on the couch reading together, how cute is that?! I’m not sure what prompted this moment of quiet bonding, but it was certainly welcome. In fact, it made me think about what I might be able […]

Time to get back to basics with simple fun

I feel like life has become so planned, from one moment to the next, one week to the next month. It kind of sucks. Everybody is so conditioned to multitasking madness that I don’t even think it seems weird anymore…but it is. I hate that the boys are so used to always having something to […]

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Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

A Fun Experiment for the Little Scientists in Your Life Ever wonder what elephant toothpaste would be like? I have not, but silly young boys might! That’s what makes this science experiment so fun!             Things you will need: Safety glasses (boys get hurt enough!) Lab Smock (‘Nuff said) Foil […]