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Date Night Ideas

Finding ways to get out of the house with your partner

A picnic with your partner is a simple date idea to get you out of the house

Are you and your partner looking to get out of the house for a change? And I don’t mean just a trip to the store, I mean something special for the two of you. While there are many different things you can do as a couple like go to the movies or out to eat there are also a few other things that you probably never thought about doing before.

If you and your partner want to mix things up when the weather is nice, you could go to the park for a long bike ride or maybe pack up a picnic and leave for the afternoon. Every once in a while you should do something very special with one another.

Are either one of you good cooks or interested in learning in how to improve your cooking skills? Taking a cooking class could be for you. Not only do you get a meal but you get to cook together in a different environment without your kids asking you a thousand questions and asking a 100 times, “is dinner ready yet?!”

Another idea would be taking a day off for yourselves and having a nice relaxing day at the spa together. Spas offer couple massages but if a couple massage isn’t your thing, there are many other treatments offered.

Get you out of your house every once in a while so that you can just spend time with your partner. And let’s be honest everyone needs a day off from their kids once in awhile.

*This post was contributed by Canisius College marketing student Molly Mayhew

Backing Up

By Contributing Author, The Major of Kay Nou=Our House

Do you remember when we were kids and we had the option of getting a do-over? Don’t you wish we could go back to that as adults?

Whether it’s on the job, as parents, or simply running a shopping errand, there are often times when I wish I could back up an hour or half an hour and do it all over again. This time around, I would do it the right way. You know — the way in which you don’t make any mistakes, and more importantly, you don’t leave scars on the people around you.

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First Time Jitters

By Contributing Author, Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot

Photo by ijiwaru jimbo

What happened last week for us was what every mom faces with bittersweet joy – their son’s first day of school!  Well, it was play school for Riley and only for three hours on Friday, but it was still traumatic for momma!

When I was pregnant with him, my husband and I came to the decision that I would be a stay at home mom.  We did not want a daycare or nanny to raise our son and be substitute for the nurturing he needed from his parents.  But three years into being an only child and a SAHM, we both craved a break from each other!  Riley also needed outside socialization from more than church, our friendly neighbors, and the occasional play date.

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