Organizing your legos

How to Organize all those Legos?

My boys love Legos but I find them everywhere…I’m swimming in a world of Legos! If you’re boys are like mine, then chances are that they love playing with Legos and truthfully I don’t blame them because I think they’re fun too. Unfortunately, keeping the little pieces in a somewhat confined space presents a challenge […]

Seek a Balanced MESS

Lack of balance, mood swings and the average teenage boy. This is Part 1 of the MESS concept, check back tomorrow for Part 2. Lately, I have noticed in triple form the imbalanced levels of multiple moods swings coming from my multiple imbalanced teenagers. If you tried to track each emotional change, within an hour […]

Musical Chairs of Parenting Teenage Boys

My triplet boys have become teenagers and I find that I am the one doing all the talking. We have played musical chairs. Lately, I hear myself asking the questions of them all day long. “What are you doing?” “How was school?” “Do you have this or that? Do you even hear me? Helllloooo?!”