YUM! Healthy Snacks FOR KIDS

Healthy Snacks FOR KIDS! Healthy Snacking Let’s be honest, at least a time or two, you’ve told your kids to stay away from eating between meals, saying, “You’ll spoil your dinner!” However, choosing healthy snacks to eat between meals is actually beneficial.  According to Netty Levine, RD, CDE, a dietitian and diabetes educator at Cedars-Sinai Medical […]

Kids and Flu Shots

To Flu Shot or Not?

Kids and the Flu Shot During the height of flu season, this year being worse than many, it is normal to be concerned about your child’s health and to wonder about the hype of the flu shot. Kids come into contact with germs every day at school, soccer practice, dance lessons and every place in […]

Worried About Kids & Soda? Make your Own!

By Contributing Author, Nan Gibbons of Eat Breathe Blog Image courtesy of SeveStJude  Most kids crave the sweet flavors and fizz of soft drinks, but parents don’t always share that fondness for these high-calorie sugary drinks. Drinking soda can increase the risk of childhood obesity if consumption isn’t controlled, and the acidity and sugars in soft […]