My boys are lame!

I thought you’d appreciate this… my boys are so lame. The boys are off today and I had an appointment at the Apple Store at 10 which kept me there until around 12:30. When I came home I told them we could do something fun and go on some adventure. I gave them about 5 […]


Activities that Encourage Family Togetherness

Creating opportunities for quite time and reflection at home (or on  hike). I saw my two youngest boys cuddled up on the couch reading together, how cute is that?! I’m not sure what prompted this moment of quiet bonding, but it was certainly welcome. In fact, it made me think about what I might be able […]


International Travel with Boys

Travelling internationally is generally a challenge regardless of the children’s gender but the extra energy (at least my boys have) certainly adds to the frustration on any 10 hour flight. Visiting family in Chile, the four boys managed better than expected on our journey, but it was all part of the plan. That is, prior […]