Travel with kids and flight delays

Travel with kids requires a great deal of patience and preparation, when unexpected interruptions change plans…it can be a messy situation. Yesterday the 4 boys, my hubby and I embarked on our journey home from sunny Aruba after 2 hours to get through customs and a late boarding on our US Airways flight, to sit […]

Driving Cross Country with Kids

Can traveling with kids by car fun? I love an adventure, the idea of driving cross country with my boys to show them some of my most memorable places, has always been met with enthusiasm. Contrary to my husband’s preference, the long journey I imagined would be filled with stops in little towns, hikes off […]

YUM! Healthy Snacks FOR KIDS

Healthy Snacks FOR KIDS! Healthy Snacking Let’s be honest, at least a time or two, you’ve told your kids to stay away from eating between meals, saying, “You’ll spoil your dinner!” However, choosing healthy snacks to eat between meals is actually beneficial. ¬†According to¬†Netty Levine, RD, CDE, a dietitian and diabetes educator at Cedars-Sinai Medical […]