Spread the Love: Dealing with Tragedy

 Spread the Love: Dealing with Tragedy By Contributing Author, Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot I knew a young man.  He had three older brothers, so lonely, only he was not.  His parents were still as much in love with each other as the day they wed over thirty years ago.  He was cared for, provided […]

Raising Boys to Be Nice Guys

Raising my boys to be the kind of guys I’d want to be friends with is something that I’ve always worked toward. I returned yesterday from my #BlogHer12 adventures to my 4 boys who were overtired and crabby…much like their mommy. After long airport lines, lots of dancing and socializing, the last thing I wanted […]

New puppy

I survived the first day of new puppy (Ruby). The drive home was 3+ hours, fortunately, Ruby slept through the entire drive. The boys were good too- they had their restless crazy moments but not so bad considering the length if time they were in the car. When we arrived at the breeder’s house, we […]