Keeping it Light with Boys

As the mom of three boys, one practice I tried to keep in mind when they were young, was to keep it light and have fun. I think all children love to have fun and let loose with their parents but as a mom of boys there is this balance of trying to raise respectful […]

Missing Kosta Karageorge sign

Boys: Understanding Depression, Preventing Suicide #NotAlone

As news broke that the missing Ohio State football player’s body had been found, I was coincidentally working on writing this article on depression and suicide prevention. A few months ago, my dear friend Sam had the terrible misfortune of losing his son to suicide.

Less Stress College Prep

Are you prepared to send your child off to college? I am slightly obsessed with discussing college options with parents of kids of any age who are not completely overwhelmed by my enthusiasm and endless questions. My middle-school-aged boys have “top 5” ever changing lists of their prospective schools, which they frequently shuffle after such […]