Missing Kosta Karageorge sign

Boys: Understanding Depression, Preventing Suicide #NotAlone

As news broke that the missing Ohio State football player’s body had been found, I was coincidentally working on writing this article on depression and suicide prevention. A few months ago, my dear friend Sam had the terrible misfortune of losing his son to suicide.

Spread the Love: Dealing with Tragedy

 Spread the Love: Dealing with Tragedy By Contributing Author, Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot I knew a young man.  He had three older brothers, so lonely, only he was not.  His parents were still as much in love with each other as the day they wed over thirty years ago.  He was cared for, provided […]

Higher Learning at Parents Weekend

By Contributing Author, The Major of Kay Nou=Our House I began looking forward to Parents Weekend at my son’s college the instant the shiny pamphlet advertising the event arrived in my mailbox.  My oldest son, Subway Dude, attends a fantastic school called SUNY Geneseo, located in a gorgeous part of upstate New York.  Nestled on […]