Boy Showers Are The Best

My first baby boy shower on the left and cupcakes from my baby girl shower on the right.

Due to a now infamous incident in Mexico, I found out six months into pregnancy that the little girl I thought I was having was in fact a little boy. I had already had one shower at this point with three more baby showers scheduled for the upcoming months. So, I had the unique experience of having both a baby girl shower AND a baby boy shower during my first pregnancy.

And let me tell you, baby boy showers are WAY better.

Preparing for a baby is expensive (and research intensive), baby bath tubs and bottles and blankets add up quickly. So, we lure our friends and family with cake and punch to parties where hopefully they will ease this financial burden by generously purchasing gifts we’ve already picked out from the local baby emporium.

Unless you have a girl, then all necessity goes out the window in favor of frilly pink frocks and tiny ballerina socks. Look, I’m not going to lie. This stuff is precious. So precious I kept most of the adorable clothing I received at my first shower in the desperate hope that I will one day have a girl that will wear it.

However, you can’t swaddle a baby with a frocked romper.

A few months later when I had my next shower, the penis had made an appearance (or several as I had multiple ultrasounds to confirm what I already knew) and I was shocked at the difference. It was a small shower with only a handful of college friends and I still put a major dent in my registry. Nursing gear, swaddlers, and towels had replaced bows and lace.

My other showers were no different. I got one or two outfits at every party but the majority of what I received was practical. By the end, I was well-stocked and ready to go…especially after a few (hundred) trips to Surplus City!


About the Author: Sarah Stewart Holland lives in Paducah, KY, with her husband Nicholas and two sons Griffin and Amos. Her family is at the center of her every thought when she isn’t distracted by the class she teaches at the local community college, her awesome gig at Paducah Life Magazine, or planning her next over-the-top dinner party. Sarah also writes about her passion for her home state over at Her Kentucky and her essays have been featured on Babble and BlogHer. In her spare time (ha!), she loves to knit and watch British period pieces and generally behave like she is 80 years old. You can follow Sarah on Twitter or see what crafty project she’s planning next on Pinterest. Please visit her blog Salt & Nectar.