Get your butt moving!

Get your butt moving!

My second born, now 13 year old, has definitely been my most challenging child. One consistent challenge has been his turtle-like pace in the morning. I too would rather sleep, but unfortunately reality requires that I’m vertical by 6:30am so I forgo extra sleep for parental responsibilities. My son however, doesn’t quite see it the same and despite alarms and lights and my wake up yelling, he often ends up sleeping longer. Yes, while I’m downstairs making breakfast and lunches, believing that he’s getting ready because he responded when I yelled for him to get up; he’s often snoozing away until I realize he’s not yet up. 

This pisses me off because it creates a ricochet effect when he misses the bus. You see, the bus for my younger children comes later than my older boys. When an older boy misses his bus, I either need to hurry and drive them to school which usually results in the younger ones missing the bus or having the older child wait and drive them after the Little’s leave but then they’ll be late for school. When Hubby is in town he can sometimes take the older boys if they’re running late but when he’s not, the juggling falls on me.

Today was one of those days… and I’m tired of making sure that I get this child to all his activities on time if he can’t get his butt moving and do his part in the morning. So when he came down late, I warned him that if he misses the bus he will need to ride his bike or walk. He of course missed his bus and then blamed it on the bus- whatever… I stood firm on not taking him but he would not walk or ride to school, he said it too far or too cold. He kept asking, “why can’t you just take me?” To which I explained what I wrote above. To add to my previous suggestions, I offered that he could call the bus garage or the police to see if they have suggestions or he could take the bus with his younger brother and walk to his school from his brothers school. He wasn’t going to have any of this. 

He ended up riding with the little kids, and I don’t think he liked it much, hopefully this might serve as a deterrent for sleeping in. It remains to be seen, but I’m glad I stood my ground because he needs to learn how his actions affect everyone else (i.e. Me!) and this is his job (to be a good student). I’m happy to do whatever I can for my children, but I don’t want my willingness to help them infringe on their ability to become independent, thoughtful, resourceful and kind humans.

What do you think? What would you do?