Organizing your legos

How to Organize all those Legos?

My boys love Legos but I find them everywhere…I’m swimming in a world of Legos!

If you’re boys are like mine, then chances are that they love playing with Legos and truthfully I don’t blame them because I think they’re fun too. Unfortunately, keeping the little pieces in a somewhat confined space presents a challenge for everyone. My challenge is enforcing the pick up routine or making it easy to put away without constant reminding. For the boys…well who really wants to clean up after a creative Lego building session?

I feel like I’ve tried it all; bins, boxes, reminder notes…either I accept that my boys have selective memory or maybe I should just give up and settle for less than perfect Lego clean up. I’ve opted for less than perfect, after all I don’t want to end up using SuperGlue (or Kragle) like Will Ferrell in the Lego Movie.

Fortunately, I found few sites that provide good suggestions for organizing Legos, check them out. Hopefully this will help prevent the accidental and painful stepping on a Lego in bare feet in the dark when kissing your boys goodnight. Ouch.

What do you do to organize your Lego collection?