International Travel with Boys

Travelling internationally is generally a challenge regardless of the children’s gender but the extra energy (at least my boys have) certainly adds to the frustration on any 10 hour flight.

Visiting family in Chile, the four boys managed better than expected on our journey, but it was all part of the plan. That is, prior to departure, I organized snacks, books and activities that would help prevent them from driving me crazy. Thankfully my efforts paid off and we (and those passengers seated next to us as well) had an easy trip.

Our trip was long overdue. If you have family living far away, you may be able to relate. It’s been 9 years since we last visited Chile. In fact, the two youngest have never been and my 12 year old has limited recollection. It’s difficult to commit to visiting the same place every year when there are so many places to see. Add to that having little children and it’s easy to lose the appeal.

Looking back, I certainly wish I’d pushed harder and saved more to return more often but it is what it is. Instead we can embrace the moments with familia and look ahead to a quick return.

After all, life is about living in the present not perpetually looking back with regret or wishing into the future.