My boys are lame!

I thought you’d appreciate this… my boys are so lame. The boys are off today and I had an appointment at the Apple Store at 10 which kept me there until around 12:30. When I came home I told them we could do something fun and go on some adventure. I gave them about 5 options ranging from a treetop platform that you can walk through to a museum downtown or a hike.

They whined and told me it was boring.


They suggested a movie or the mall – but the weather is gorgeous so I told them it needed to be something outside. Someone suggested walking around downtown so I said sure but I need to know where and what they want to do as you can’t just walk around aimlessly downtown especially when I don’t know the area. They still whined and complained.

So I told them we will make it a cleaning day. If they’re going to be so lame- we would clean the house:) I yelled a little too. Lol. Wait till there really isn’t anything to do- then they’ll (hopefully) wish they’d enjoyed the nice days.