Helping or Hindering

It’s been awhile since I last posted, time has just flown by! As my four boys grow older, I find myself balancing the fine line between holding onto them still being little while providing them enough independence to grow. Make no mistake, it’s not easy! Ultimately, in my opinion, creating opportunities to create independence and […]

International Travel with Boys

Travelling internationally is generally a challenge regardless of the children’s gender but the extra energy (at least my boys have) certainly adds to the frustration on any 10 hour flight. Visiting family in Chile, the four boys managed better than expected on our journey, but it was all part of the plan. That is, prior […]

Organizing your legos

How to Organize all those Legos?

My boys love Legos but I find them everywhere…I’m swimming in a world of Legos! If you’re boys are like mine, then chances are that they love playing with Legos and truthfully I don’t blame them because I think they’re fun too. Unfortunately, keeping the little pieces in a somewhat confined space presents a challenge […]