By Tara Bazilian-Chang, Community Manager of Raising Boys World
Photo by TBC Photo

Happy Monday, Everyone!

You’re probably thinking, “She’s lost her mind.  What kind of crazy person likes Mondays?”

This crazy person likes Mondays, and I’ll tell you why.  I love, love, love my family – but I also love the peace that settles on the house when everyone goes off to work and school.  Whatever I clean will stay that way, until 3 pm when my son gets off the bus.  I get errands done without having to answer a string of questions, or deny pleas for candy and toys.  I don’t have to be aware and responsible for other people.  I don’t have to negotiate, discipline, or nag anyone.  I don’t have to be the “bad” guy. On Mondays, I’m not mom, servant, or taxi driver – I’m Tara.  At least until 3pm.

On another note – Renee Martinez, Founder of Raising Boys World, was interviewed on! Check out the article “They’re Only Young Once”  And yes, I took that headshot of Renee  : )


www.tbcphoto.comTara Bazilian-Chang is the Community Manager of Raising Boys World.  She is a wife, and the mother of 2 (a daughter and a son).  Tara also has her own photography business, TBC Photo, specializing in portrait photography.  You can see her website here: