Activities that Encourage Family Togetherness

IMG_6266Creating opportunities for quite time and reflection at home (or on  hike).

I saw my two youngest boys cuddled up on the couch reading together, how cute is that?! I’m not sure what prompted this moment of quiet bonding, but it was certainly welcome. In fact, it made me think about what I might be able to do to make this quiet time a regular thing in our house.

When my older two sons were younger, I had visions of peaceful reading during a “family reading hour.” Of course that may have happened twice, maybe? I envisioned family bonding while watching film classics or sharing family fun over regularly scheduled “family game nights” or a weekly hike. I was successful at recognizing that these ideas would be wonderful for family bonding and creating memories, but instituting regularly planned out family events given life’s unexpected twists and turns is tough!

The reality is that we do in fact do all of the above, I consciously capitalize on any opportunities to bring my family to a place of peace and gentle appreciation for life, others and the world around us…but making it planned and structured is not something I’ve been able to master. Perhaps the spontaneity alone is a lesson that we must appreciate opportunities to reflect and appreciate and opposed to scheduled and facilitated experiences that may not be as genuine. I’m not sure if there is a right or wrong, but certainly any opportunity to bring peaceful togetherness is worthwhile.

It’s my feeling that recognizing the value for taking the time to create this place of unity, creates a gentle support system for our children. We are saying without actually saying, “You’re important to me and you are an important piece of my world.” Boys get a bad rap as being loud and obnoxious and constantly on the go, but perhaps introducing opportunities to just “be” together give them a quiet and acceptable escape in the comfort of family support. These are good habits, especially with the constant digital interruptions around us, these moments help us focus on what’s really going on.