Backing Up

By Contributing Author, The Major of Kay Nou=Our House Do you remember when we were kids and we had the option of getting a do-over? Don’t you wish we could go back to that as adults? Whether it’s on the job, as parents, or simply running a shopping errand, there are often times when I […]

First Time Jitters

By Contributing Author, Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot What happened last week for us was what every mom faces with bittersweet joy – their son’s first day of school!  Well, it was play school for Riley and only for three hours on Friday, but it was still traumatic for momma! When I was pregnant […]

Compassionate Boys

By Contributing Author Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot “Can children be taught to have compassion?”  Many years ago I asked my friend this question after a particularly grueling night of babysitting when I used to take odd jobs to supplement my income while I was single.  I had been sitting for a boy about […]