Compassionate Boys

By Contributing Author Beth Sanborn of Far From Camelot “Can children be taught to have compassion?”  Many years ago I asked my friend this question after a particularly grueling night of babysitting when I used to take odd jobs to supplement my income while I was single.  I had been sitting for a boy about […]

Stereotypes and Strawberry Shortcake

By Contributing Author Sarah Holland of Salt & Nectar There are certain things I thought I would never get to experience when I learned (in the most unexpected way possible) that I was having a boy. I cried for hours as my dreams of ballet recitals, tea parties, and passing down beloved toys faded into […]


By Contributing Author The Major of Kay Nou = Our House Alright.  I’m dad enough to admit it.  I’m having real problems relating to my five-year old. This is a huge admission on my part.  Up until now, I saw myself as this sort of Super Dad, able to overcome all barriers in order to […]