The Door

By Contributing Author The Major, of Kay Nou = Our House Bent over, I set to my task assiduously.  I had what seemed to be the right tools.  But they could find no purchase on the ancient metal.  Looking over my shoulder, I issued a stern warning to my child, “Touch nothing.”  I then went […]

Time Out, Does it Work?

By Renee Martinez, Founder of Raising Boys World You know the routine, a child does something bad and mom or dad starts counting. One, two, three…and wham the child is in TIME OUT. For some kids, it doesn’t seem to matter whether he’s in time out or on Mars, when he returns to reality he […]

Four Boys and Me

Taking four boys out, all under the age of 8, can be physically challenging – especially when we are all wearing winter jackets, hats, gloves…  I get looks of pity, or annoyance.  People are afraid that my boys will ruin their meal.  This pretty much happens whenever I take all four anywhere -the grocery store, […]