New puppy

I survived the first day of new puppy (Ruby).

The drive home was 3+ hours, fortunately, Ruby slept through the entire drive. The boys were good too- they had their restless crazy moments but not so bad considering the length if time they were in the car.

When we arrived at the breeder’s house, we were greeted by our soon-to-be new pup. I was most struck by how soft her fur is. Much softer than I expected.

Soon her remaining (but already claimed for) litter-mates joined us and it was fascinating to observe the differences in their personalities. Ruby was interested in us but still independent enough to walk away from us. One wouldn’t leave us alone and another was all trouble. At twelve weeks, so much is already established.

The boys were really excited. I think we all were really taken by how sweet she is.

Soon after we arrived, we were ready to embark on our journey home with a puppy in the crate in the back of my truck. Worried, I brought movies, food and games to make the travel experience manageable.

Once we came home, I had planned for a coordinated introduction between Ruby and Leche (our 15 year old Bichon). It’s recommended that you introduce them away from your house on neutral ground so one doesn’t get the impression that he’s in control. I had Boy #1 meet us across the street with Leche in his leash. Ruby was interested- Leche could care less.

In the house we showed her around. She thankfully didn’t have any accidents and cooperated when I put her in her crate. She slept until 6:30am. I hope she’s as good tomorrow!

What are your new puppy stories?


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