Raising Boys to Be Nice Guys

Raising my boys to be the kind of guys I’d want to be friends with is something that I’ve always worked toward.

I returned yesterday from my #BlogHer12 adventures to my 4 boys who were overtired and crabby…much like their mommy. After long airport lines, lots of dancing and socializing, the last thing I wanted to do was enter my mommy world full force ahead. Of course, I had to do that’s exactly what I did.

Just when I was ready to crash for the night (8:30 pm) my almost 12 year old asked me if I wanted to play tennis with him. My body and mind wanted nothing to do with exerting energy but my conscious knew I should. Here was an opportunity to hang out with my tween, to exercise and to prove my son wrong that I don’t let him win (I’m not competitive:).

We went to the court and I had so much fun hanging out with my son. We played until 10pm and though I won- it was really good tennis. We played while music from a party at the clubhouse blared onto the courts. The band performed disco favorites as we laughed under the lights, illuminating the perfect end to a fabulous weekend. We even did a little dancing on the courts since nobody was watching.

On the ride home, we listened and sang to a few of our favorite songs (we have the same taste in music) and talked about the week to come. My son, who as of this summer, sits in the front passenger seat, is growing up. He’s not a little boy anymore and he’s exactly how I’d hoped he be. I hope he stays like this as he moves into his teens. He’s truly fun to hang out with and he’s darn close to beating me in tennis! This was one of those moments I’ll cherish forever.

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